ROSVO ROOPE (15/100)

  Hannu Leminen’s historical adventure Rosvo Roope (1949) (’Rob the Robber’) was based on Rafael Ramstedt’s well-known song Balladi Rosvo-Roope (’The Ballad of Rob the Robber’). The story takes place in the 17th century. Robert (Tauno Palo) is believed to have died while away at sea. Helena (Helena Kara), who is in love with Robert […]

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Toivo Särkkä directed and wrote the screenplay for Kaivopuiston kaunis Regina (1941) (’Beautiful Regina of Kaivopuisto’) based on the novel written by Tuulikki Kallio. Set in Helsinki in the mid-19th century, the film at first suggests a romantic story about an orphan, Regina Berg (Regina Linnanheimo), who wants nothing more than to attend a ball […]



Kulkurin valssi (1941) (’The Vagabond’s Waltz’), directed by Toivo Särkkä, screenplay by Mika Waltari, was based on J. Alfred Tanner’s song of the same name. The romantic comedy about Finnish nobleman Arnold (Tauno Palo) who insults Russian Prince Avertsejev (Uno Wikström)—he beats him at cards and also steals the affections of a lady—takes place in […]

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Directed by Wilho Ilmari in 1940, Oi, kallis Suomenmaa (’Finland, Our Dear Native Land’) is based on yet another screenplay written by the prolific Mika Waltari. Returning from the Winter War—injured both physically and psychologically—Eino Piiroinen (Eino Kaipainen) is a soldier from Karelia who finds it difficult to feel at home until he finds an […]

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Wilho Ilmari’s Seitsemän veljestä (1939) (’Seven Brothers’) is based on writer Aleksis Kivi’s Finnish national classic of the same name. The story takes place in the mid-19th century in Southern Häme. The Jukola family boys are always fighting and at odds with authority and members of their community. After a failed attempt to learn to […]

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Toivo Särkkä’s and Yrjö Norta’s Helmikuun manifesti (1939) (’The February Manifesto’) was based on a screenplay written by Mika Waltari. Much like Aktivistit of the same year, Helmikuun manifesti was part of Finnish cinema’s efforts to remind Finns of the struggles of previous generations under the oppression of the Russian Empire, the fight to finally […]

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Akivistit (1939) (‘The Activists’) was directed by Risto Orko, who also wrote the screenplay with Ilmari Unho. The story takes place in the period 1916–1917. The First World War is raging and Finland waits for the defeat of the Russian Empire to press its claims for independence. Marja (Helena Kara), the daughter of Finnish Senator […]

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