Jörn Donner’s adaptation of Märtä Tikkanen’s novel of the same name, Miestä ei voi raiskata (1978) (Men Can’t Be Raped), is a controversial and, for the time, daring examination of gender equality (or inequality), but told through the extraordinary proposition of male rape. Eva Rander (Anna Godenius) decides to celebrate her fortieth birthday with […]

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  Jäniksen vuosi (1977) (The Year of the Hare) was based on Arto Paasilinna’s bestselling novel of the same name and was Risto Jarva’s third successive comedy following Mies, joka ei ossanut sanoa ei (1975) and Loma (1976). It also stars Antti Litja again in the lead role. Of these three films, Jäniksen vuosi is […]

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  Rauni Mollberg’s Aika hyvä ihmiseksi (1977) (Pretty Good for a Human Being) is a cavalcade of characters depicting life a few years after the Finnish Civil War in a small city quarter filled with wooden houses and a market square. The film comes with a gallery of colourful characters, all with their own stories […]

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LOMA (47/100)

  Loma (1976) (The Vacation) is Risto Jarva’s second of three classic drama-comedies from the 1970s. Here Aimo Niemi (Antti Litja) is a banker-poet whose marriage is over and decides to get away from it all by taking a winter holiday in Innsbruck, Austria, to coincide with the Winter Olympic Games. At the airport check-in […]

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LUOTTAMUS (46/100)

  A lot of early Finnish cinema before and after the wars of the 1940s focused on the relationship with Finland’s neighbour to the East. By 1975 the political climate had developed to a point where peaceful coexistence was regarded as advantageous for all parties, and would soon be codified in the Helsinki Accords at […]

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