Whatever you say about Uuno Turhapuro, one thing you can’t deny is how successful the character has been. Between 1973 and 2004 there have been 19 films and, in 1984, Uuno Turhapuro armeijan leivissä set a new record of 750,000 viewers, making it the most popular film of the decade (including foreign titles) and […]

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SENSUELA (43/100)

  Ignored by filmgoers upon its release in 1973, Teuvo Tulio’s Sensuela is today rightly regarded as a cult classic of Finnish cinema and, as recently as 2012, has been ranked by Finnish film critics in the Top10 best Finnish film of all time. Sensuela in undoubtedly a unique film: a camp, erotic melodrama that […]

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If Rauni Mollberg’s film Maa on syntinen laulu (1973) (The Earth is a Sinful Song) is accurate, life in Finnish Lapland in the years just after the end of the war was bleak, brutal and without much to be optimistic about. Martta (Maritta Viitamäki) is a young woman who lives on a small farm with […]

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  Lampaansyöjät (1972) (The Sheep Eaters) is a road movie quite unlike any other. Valtteri and Sepe are two regular city stiffs who work 9–5 but share one thing in particular in common: they love to eat lamb. To this end they plan a hunting trip with a difference. Setting out on the road, they […]

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  Risto Jarva explores the world of tabloid journalism in Kun taivas putoaa… (1972) (When the Heavens Fall). Olli Meri (Erkki Pajala) is an investigative journalist with Ajan totuus magazine. While visiting his physiotherapist, Eila Tuomi (Eeva-Maija Haukinen), he discovers she has been having an affair with a member of parliament. Meri gains Eila’s confidence […]

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  ”Viina se ol kaiken pahan alku meijän perreessä” – ”Alcohol was the beginning of all evil in our family.” Although a work of fiction, Mikko Niskanen’s Kahdeksan surmanluotia (1972) (Eight Deadly Shots) is based on real events that took place in central Finland in the small rural municipality of Pihtipudas. Taking the notorious murder […]


Perkele! Kuvia Suomesta (38/100)

Perkele! Kuvia Suomesta (1971) (Fuck Off! Images from Finland) is a Jörn Donner documentary film about the state of Finland in the early 1970s as seen through the experiences of Finns themselves. The film has extensive interviews with people from all walks of life and the basic question each person answers is “What kind of […]

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